Fallow Deer Hunting Guide: Fallow Buck & Doe in Tennessee

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Fallow Deet Hunting with Spartan: Where History Meets Adventure

Step into the realm of Spartan Hunting Preserve, where the art of Fallow Deer hunting meets Tennessee's unspoiled landscapes and warm hospitality. This blog unfolds the captivating narrative of Fallow Deer pursuits, revealing their regal bloodlines, diverse species, and the strategic techniques that shape the Spartan experience. Join us on a journey where passion intertwines with precision, inviting you to embrace the essence of nature, camaraderie, and the exhilaration of the hunt


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Hunting is year round

$1,500 for what you kill

The only thing you pay for here is what you kill. Meals, lodging, skinning and quartering, caping of trophies, etc. are all free.


The Majestic Fallow Deer at Spartan

European and Hungarian Bloodlines: The Regal Stock

White Fallow: The Ghostly Elegance

Originating from the Eastern Mediterranean, these majestic beings now grace Tennessee with their ghostly elegance. Distinguished by pristine, snow-white coats, White Fallow Deer stand out as silent specters in the forest, captivating hunters with their rare and alluring presence. Their grace and elusive nature make each encounter a spellbinding experience. On the royal hunt, pursuing the White Fallow promises not just a trophy but an encounter with a creature that epitomizes the otherworldly allure of nature's beauty.

Chocolate Fallow: The Rich Majesty

These majestic deer, originating from the Eastern Mediterranean, now roam the Tennessee landscape in regal splendor. Draped in luscious chocolate-brown coats, the Chocolate Fallow Deer captivate with their unique beauty. In the heart of the wilderness, their distinct color and graceful presence create a captivating hunting experience. 

Spotted Fallow: Nature's Artwork

Originating from the Eastern Mediterranean, these Fallow Deer bring a burst of natural beauty to Tennessee. Adorned with distinctive spots resembling nature's brushstrokes, Spotted Fallow Deer embodies an artistic creation. In the wild, their playful coat patterns and graceful presence create an enchanting hunting experience. 

Preparing for the Fallow Deer Hunt

Selecting the Right Rifle: Precision Matters

When gearing up for your Fallow Deer hunt at Spartan, the choice of rifle is critical. Here's a brief guide to ensure your equipment aligns with the majesty of the chase:

  • Caliber Considerations:
    • Consider rifles in .270, .308, or .30-06 calibers, known for their balanced power and accuracy.
    • Confirm the rifle complies with Tennessee's deer hunting regulations.
  • Scope Selection:
    • Invest in a quality scope with a clear lens for optimal visibility.
    • Opt for a variable magnification scope (3-9x or 4-12x) to adapt to different hunting scenarios.
  • Comfort and Control:
    • Prioritize a rifle with a comfortable stock and manageable weight for prolonged hunts.

Remember, achieving precision is crucial for a successful Fallow Deer hunt, so choose your rifle wisely for an unforgettable experience. If you need help choosing the correct rifle or do not own any yourselves, we would be happy to lend you a rifle during your experience or provide you with more information to make the best choice. 

Essential Gear for Fallow Deer Hunting

Setting out on a Fallow Deer hunt at Spartan Hunting Preserve calls for strategic gear choices to ensure a rewarding experience. 

  • Clothing and Footwear:
    • Opt for camouflage gear, blending seamlessly with the Tennessee landscape during your Fallow Deer pursuit.
    • Choose sturdy and comfortable boots suitable for various terrains.
  • Optics and Navigation:
    • Arm yourself with binoculars to keenly observe the majestic Fallow Deer in the preserve.
    • Ensure you have a reliable GPS device or compass for navigating the expansive hunting grounds.
  • Safety Gear:
    • Wear blaze orange for visibility to fellow hunters, following established safety norms.
    • Prioritize ear protection, especially when using firearms during the hunt.
  • Backpack and Essentials:
    • Pack a durable backpack for water, snacks, and essential hunting tools.
    • Include a field dressing kit for efficient game processing.
  • Hunting Tools:
    • Carry a quality knife for field dressing and skinning.
    • Utilize a range finder for precise distance assessment.

This thoughtfully curated gear ensemble ensures not only a successful Fallow Deer hunting expedition but also an immersive adventure in the heart of Spartan's rich hunting legacy. If you do not own the proper attire, don’t worry. We will lend you the necessities needed for the hunt. 

Understanding the Terrain: Tactics for Success

Navigating Spartan's terrain is essential for triumphant deer hunts. Delve into the origins and habits of Fallow Deer, and master the 'Spot and Stalk' technique. Tailor your tactics to the diverse landscape, from open fields to dense woods. Success lies in strategic placement, keen observation, and a seamless adaptation to nature's nuances within Spartan's hunting grounds.

Essential Insights on Fallow Deer Hunting

The History of Fallow Deer in America

The captivating history of Fallow Deer in America unfolds with a touch of regal charm. Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean, these majestic beings, cherished by Kings and Rulers throughout history, made their way to America roughly 75 years ago. Within the scenic grounds of Spartan Hunting Preserve, we proudly host some of the continent's finest European and Hungarian bloodlines. From noble pursuits to the rustic woodlands of Tennessee, the Fallow Deers American saga intertwines elegance with the thrill of the hunt, creating a rich tapestry on the historic canvas of Spartan's hunting legacy.

The Life Cycle and Habits of Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer, thriving in various landscapes, matures with elegance between 4 and 6 years. Their life unfolds with unique habits, shaping their movements and behavior. Appreciating these patterns enriches the hunting experience, fostering a harmonious and rewarding encounter with these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Ethical Considerations: Hunting with Respect

Engaging in hunting requires a thoughtful approach deeply rooted in ethics. True hunters carry a profound respect for wildlife and their habitats, recognizing the importance of conservation. Abiding by regulations and embracing humane practices, ethical hunters contribute to a sustainable coexistence with nature, fostering a balanced and respectful relationship.

The Spartan Hunting Strategy

Mastering the Spot and Stalk Technique

At Spartan, our hunting strategy revolves around honing the 'Spot and Stalk' technique. This approach requires hunters to be attuned to their surroundings, spotting prey from a distance before strategically advancing for an optimal shot. Emphasizing stealth and adaptability ensures an immersive and challenging experience. Spartan hunters, guided by skill and patience, traverse diverse landscapes, mastering the art of Spot and Stalk for an unparalleled and fulfilling Fallow Buck or Doe hunting adventure within the preserve's unique terrain.

Timing Your Hunt: Antler Cycles and Seasons

  • Antler Shedding and Regrowth:
    • Bucks shed their antlers around April, with complete regrowth of hard horns by September 1st.
    • For those seeking a unique experience, mid-August offers the chance to hunt Velvet Bucks.
  • Fallow Doe Hunting Season:
    • Hunting season spans from September 1st to January 1st.
    • Conservation measures exclude pregnant or nursing to ensure the deer population's well-being.
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The Culinary Prize: Fallow Deer Meat

Preparing the Finest Venison: From Field to Table

Savoring the finest venison from Spartan Hunting Preserve involves a culinary journey that begins with careful field dressing. Once harvested, the meat undergoes expert processing, with options for personalized cuts and preparations. The skilled team ensures the venison is meticulously processed, resulting in prime cuts ready for a variety of culinary creations. Whether grilled, roasted, or expertly crafted into gourmet dishes, the venison delivers a delicious experience that epitomizes the excellence of Spartan's hunting and culinary expertise.

Spartan’s Commitment: Exceptional Hunts Every Time

Why Hunters Choose Spartan for Fallow Deer

Exceptional Hospitality:

  • Enjoy three complimentary meals daily, fostering a comfortable and satisfying hunting experience.

Year-Round Hunting Freedom:

  • Spartan offers the flexibility of year-round hunting without the hassle of acquiring a license.

Guaranteed and Transparent Pricing:

  • With a guaranteed kill and transparent pricing, hunters appreciate Spartan's commitment to fairness and clarity.

Customized Hunting Styles:

  • Tailor your experience with the freedom to choose between stand or stalk hunting, creating a personalized adventure.

Risk-Free No Kill, No Pay Policy:

  • Embrace a risk-free venture where if a kill doesn't occur, there's no financial obligation, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience.

Complimentary Lodging and Services:

  • Spartan goes above and beyond, providing free lodging and complimentary skinning and quartering services, eliminating additional costs.

Guide Fee Exemption:

  • Navigate the preserve without incurring guide fees, allowing hunters to explore at their own pace.

Essential Gear and Recommended Duration:

  • Simplify preparations with the Three Must Haves, and optimize the experience with a recommended 2-3 day hunt.

Comprehensive Optional Services:

  • Elevate the hunting experience with additional services like Taxidermy, Full Meat Processing with Same-Day Service, and Hydrographics for a truly immersive and rewarding adventure.
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Conservation and Sustainable Hunting

Managing Fallow Deer Populations Responsibly:

  • At Spartan, we prioritize the conscientious management of Fallow Deer populations, striving for a sustainable and harmonious ecosystem within the preserve.

The Role of Hunting in Conservation Efforts:

  • Hunting at Spartan is a proactive contribution to conservation, integral to maintaining ecological balance and supporting broader wildlife preservation endeavors.

Start Your Fallow Deer Hunting Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable Fallow Deer hunting journey at Spartan Hunting Preserve. To secure your adventure, simply reach out to us to confirm date availability. A $300 deposit per hunter is required to lock in your chosen dates, and you can conveniently pay with a credit card over the phone or by sending a check/money order through the mail. If mailing the deposit, remember to include a note specifying the discussed dates. We look forward to providing you with exceptional hospitality, a thriving Fallow Deer population, and a personalized hunting experience amid the scenic landscapes of Tennessee. Contact us today to reserve your spot and create enduring memories.


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