Ram Hunting Guide: Exotic Ram In Tennessee

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Introduction to Ram Hunting

At Spartan Hunting Lodge, we hunt a wide variety of ram. From our native species, like the Texas Dall, right down to exotic species from across the ocean, such as the Corsican Ram or Black Hawaiian.

 Join us on an exciting journey to see some of the most spectacular ram specimens, with each and every one of them having something extra special to offer.


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Hunting is year round

$1,500 for what you kill

The only thing you pay for here is what you kill. Meals, lodging, skinning and quartering, caping of trophies, etc. are all free.


Overview of Ram Hunting in Tennessee

Much like boars, rams can be hunted year-round. Usually, the hunting takes place from a stand as they come to corn, but spotting and stalking is also an option.

These beautiful beasts usually travel in big herds, which makes them fun to watch and hunt because whenever they approach your stand, all you have to do is make your pick. Whether you put your eye on a specific color, a big headgear, or a nice main, we have it all here at Spartan Hunting Lodge.

Species of Rams

Texas Dall: The Big Horned Beauty

Originally from the great state of Texas, the Texas Dall was born from the pairing of a Merino sheep and a Mouflan. Wearing a wonderful white coat and majestic mouflon-esque large horns, the Texas Dall is also known as “Snow White Ram”. They usually weigh around 85-135 lbs. and their horns can reach lengths of over 40 inches. The impressive horns make a great addition to a mount collection while the very edible meat has a taste similar to beef if it’s prepared right.

Black Hawaiian: The Fighter

One of the most impressive and sought-after exotics at our ranch, the Black Hawaiian Ram is a great addition to any hunter’s collection. Showing a beautiful black coat and a long mane, the Black Hawaiians have a wonderful set of large horns that will bring something unique to your trophy collection. They are not your every day shy ruminants. The Black Hawaiians are quite an aggressive species, especially to other rams and you will often spot them charging at the others.

Corsican Ram: Delicious and One-of-a-Kind

Showing a wonderful coat with a brown back and a black belly, the Corsican Ram is one of our most special exotics here at Spartan Hunting Lodge. Closely resembling the Alaska Dall Rams, the Corsican Ram has great horns that don’t shed and can grow up to 40 inches long. The average weight of the Corsican Ram is around 85-135 lbs. It will make a great addition to a mount collection while the edible meat tastes similar to beef if it’s prepared right.

Four Horned Sheep: Straight out of Genesis

Originally from Syria, the Four Horned Sheep is a unique breed that can grow up to six horns. This one-of-a-kind specimen will absolutely be one of the prized jewels in your trophy collection. 

Also known as the Jacob Sheep (from Genesis 30:40), this exotic specimen has a heavy and soft coat and features a wonderful coloring consisting of a 40% random pattern of brown and black with the rest of 60% white.

The Four Horned Sheep has a rather unique personality, being rather suspicious of humans and sometimes showing aggressiveness towards them.

Painted Desert Sheep: The Eccentric 

Resulted of a cross of Mouflon and the Texas Dall, the Painted Desert Sheep shows the specific Dall wide horns with the curls of a Mouflon that can reach lengths of over 40 inches.

The color of the coat is non-specific, most of the specimens being tri-colored or even quad-colored making them very striking and eccentric.

The impressive horns make a great addition to a mount collection while the very edible meat has a taste similar to beef if it’s prepared right.

Preparing for Your Hunt

Gear and Equipment  

Choosing the right weapon in your quiver is important in Big Horn hunting. You could opt for longer-range weapons if you are hunting from a stand but for spot and stalk, if you are looking for a challenge. Choosing a short-range weapon, such as a muzzleloader, a handgun, a crossbow or a bow will make the experience more interesting.

Gear up: Essential equipment for Big Horn Hunting 

  • To fit in with the environment, wear loose, earthy-colored clothing.
  • To navigate a variety of terrains, select boots that are waterproof and resilient.
  • Keep supplies like extra ammunition, first aid kits, and water in a good backpack.
  • Purchase some glasses to improve your visibility in the deep Tennessee forests.

If you have any further questions about gear, speak with the specialists at Spartan Hunting Lodge.

Pre-hunt Preparations 

Hunting Big Horn requires a specific set of skills from adapting to the diverse terrain to exercising your marksmanship. As precision is key to this type of hunting, working on your target shooting is a must.

Before embarking on this special experience you should:

  • Put gun safety first. Always handle your weapon as though it were loaded, and keep an eye out for any threats.
  • Because rams can be erratic and might charge when they feel threatened, be mindful of your surroundings.
  • Aim for key organs when practicing moral shooting for a humane kill.
  • Work together with other hunters to take a coordinated approach in order to prevent mishaps.
  • To ensure a responsible and sustainable hunting experience at Spartan, abide by local laws and property borders.
  • Throughout your boar hunting adventure, remember to show respect for wildlife and emphasize conservation and ethical hunting techniques.

Hunting Techniques

Stand Hunting 

We do most of our Ram hunting from a stand as they will approach the corn more often than the boars. So when we are hunting from the stand, all you have to do is just pick your target and have some fun. You can kill your picked ram using a rifle, handgun, or bow.

Spot and Stalk 

One of the most sought-after tactics in hunting Big Horn is the spot and stalk. Most often, the spotting is not really planned, and if the hunter and guide spot a suitable trophy ram while searching for a specific breed you might want to take the opportunity to hunt this animal.

Please take into consideration that these specimens have retained most of their original wilderness and are still very suspicious of humans and might become aggressive.

Experience at Spartan Hunting Lodge

A Day of Hunting

A day of ram hunting at Spartan Hunting Lodge is as intense as you imagine it. You have the choice of stand hunting or stalking. You can follow the ram tracks with adrenaline surging as you approach your target. The staff here at Spartan Hunting Lodge will ensure you have an unforgettable day. 

As you point and shoot, the trophy ram lies before you as a testament to your skill and patience.

Back at our lodge, we will take you through the whole process of trophy handling, taxidermy, and meat processing while you swap stories with your fellow hunters.

Lodge Amenities

Our lodge consists of 7200 square feet of living space. This consists of 3 large gathering areas. One for dining, and two for simply relaxing between adventures. Here we have DirecTV with every channel they offer, sports and otherwise. We do have WiFi, but do not brag about that fact too loudly as we are way out in the country and it is spotty. We also have a community-type refrigerator in the dining area for those who need it. Cokes, Sprites, and Dr. Peppers are always available in the dining area. If you require something other than that, feel free to bring it with you.

Out of these large gathering rooms are doors to our 13 bedrooms. Some of our bedrooms have 4 beds, some 6 beds, and our largest rooms have 8 beds per room. Many of the larger rooms have their own refrigerators. Six of our Bedrooms have 8 beds in each room, for larger groups. These rooms have their own refrigerator and bathrooms in each room. The most important thing to know about the bedrooms is that each group will have their own private room. There will be no one inside your bedroom that is not a member of your party. So if you have a snorer in your room …… you brought him with you.

Spartan Hunting Lodge Dining Hall
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After the Hunt

Trophy Handling

After you choose and shoot your desired target, you will be assisted by our staff in the field dressing your trophy. Gutting and cleaning your ram is important to ensure the meat is preserved and ready for consumption.

After your trophy is properly field-dressed, it’s time to transport it to the lodge where the meat processing and taxidermy begins.

Meat Processing and Taxidermy

This is where the real magic happens at the Spartan hunting lodge. The ram undergoes professional processing. This includes skinning, dividing, and preparing the meat for your enjoyment. If you choose to mount the trophy, the taxidermist takes over, preserving the memory in a lifelike form.

Why Choose Spartan

Advantages of Hunting at Spartan

Choosing to hunt rams at Spartan Hunting Lodge offers a unique experience. From offering a wide range of rams to a scenic terrain of rugged hills and dense forests of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau, your hunt will be one of a kind.

All of the Rams are the same price, same as the Fallow Deer and Wild Boar. Even if you manage to kill the largest Ram in the area, his price remains the same. Not to be confused again.

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Booking and Pricing

How to Book

Booking is really easy at Spartan Hunting Lodge. You can always contact us online here but if you want to have a short chat, be sure to reserve your hunt by calling our phone number at 931-456-4643.

What’s Included

Our ram hunting is happening all year long and priced at $1500 exclusively for what you kill. It doesn’t matter if you kill our biggest specimen or another one, the price will always be the same. Also, the only thing you pay is what you hunt as meals, lodging, skinning, and all the other processes are free!

We usually recommend a 3-day hunting experience that includes:

  • 3 meals per day
  • Lodging
  • Skinning and quartering
  • Free guiding
  • Full meat processing with same day service


Spartan Hunting Lodge treats each guest like royalty. Everything is included. Food, lodging, and so much more.

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