Boar Hunting Guide: Wild Boar in Tennessee


Spartan Hunting: No Bull, Just Boar 

Welcome to the heart of wild boar hunting at Spartan Hunting Lodge, where authenticity meets adventure. Join us in the untamed landscapes of Tennessee for a no-nonsense hunting experience. Discover the biggest and best boars, transparent pricing, and a commitment to conservation. The Spartan Hunt awaits – your journey begins here.


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Hunting is year round

$1,500 for what you kill

The only thing you pay for here is what you kill. Meals, lodging, skinning and quartering, caping of trophies, etc. are all free.


Meet the Beasts: Wild Boars of Spartan

Embark on a journey to meet the beasts that roam the Spartan grounds – a diverse array of wild boars, each with its own story, size, and character.

Pure Russian Boars: The Real Deal

These formidable creatures, descendants of the East Tennessee Russian stock, carry the legacy of a bygone era. In the heart of Tennessee's hunting ranges, our Preserve boasts an exclusive lineage that intertwines the historic and the extraordinary.

Andres: Dark and Deadly

The embodiment of dark and deadly elegance in the realm of Russian boars at Spartan. This distinct species stands out with its deep, ebony coat, adorned with robust, razor-sharp tusks that signify maturity. Andres Russian boars, renowned for their intelligence and agility, navigate the dense Tennessee woods with stealth. Their dark allure and lethal prowess distinguish them as the epitome of untamed majesty, offering hunters a challenge and a trophy like no other.

Bzikot: Quick and Cunning

With a sleek, agile frame, Bzikot stands out for its lightning reflexes and strategic prowess. Distinguished by a coat that seems to shimmer with every agile move, this species navigates the Tennessee wilderness with unparalleled swiftness. Bzikot's unique combination of speed and cunning makes it a challenging and elusive target, adding an extra layer of excitement to the hunt for those who seek the thrill of the chase.

Kalden: The Brute

Towering and robust, Kalden is a living testament to raw power. His massive, muscular build and imposing tusks set him apart as a true force of nature in the Tennessee wilderness. Kalden's presence commands respect, making encounters with this behemoth a test of both skill and courage

San Diego: Agile and Aggressive

With a nimble frame and a fiery temperament, San Diego stands out for its lightning-quick movements and tenacious spirit. Sporting a distinctive coat marked with dynamic patterns, this boar combines swift agility with an aggressive demeanor, making it a unique challenge for hunters. San Diego's dynamic blend of speed and ferocity sets it apart as a captivating and formidable species, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled pursuit in the Tennessee wilderness.

Ural Mountain Strains: The Cold Warriors

Adapted to the harsh Ural terrain, these boars exhibit a resilience and endurance unparalleled in the Tennessee wilderness. With a dense, frost-resistant coat and sturdy build, the Cold Warriors embody survival in frigid climates. Their calculated, strategic movements and heightened senses make them expert navigators in challenging landscapes.

Feral Giants: Hogzilla & Desoto Line

Explore the realm of Feral Giants, featuring legendary behemoths like Hogzilla and the Desoto Line—each a distinctive powerhouse in size, strength, and ferocity, offering a thrilling adventure in wild boar hunting at Spartan.

Hogzilla: The Monster Boar

With a massive frame, Hogzilla's sheer size dwarfs others, and his powerful tusks embody raw strength. Renowned for a distinctive coat pattern resembling the chaotic beauty of nature, this boar is an iconic symbol of untamed might. 

Desoto Line: The Old School Ragers

These colossal boars boast a classic, battle-hardened demeanor, marked by imposing tusks and a robust build that harks back to the untamed roots of wild boars. With an aura of ancient strength, the Desoto Line stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of these Old School Ragers, offering hunters a thrilling encounter with the essence of untamed wilderness.

Preparing for the Hunt

The right weapon and ammunition can make all the difference in boar hunting. Opt for a sturdy and reliable rifle, preferably in a caliber suitable for wild boars, such as .308 or .30-06. Ensure your ammunition is designed for controlled expansion and penetration, essential for taking down these robust creatures. A well-chosen firearm, coupled with appropriate ammunition, becomes a crucial ally in navigating the challenging terrain of Spartan, providing hunters with the precision and power needed to face the formidable boar inhabitants.

Gear Up: Essential Equipment for Boar Hunting

  • Opt for comfortable, earth-toned clothing to blend seamlessly into the wild.
  • Choose durable and waterproof boots for navigating varied terrains.
  • Carry a quality backpack for essentials like water, first aid, and additional ammunition.
  • Invest in optics for enhanced visibility in the dense Tennessee woods.
  • Consult with your Spartan Hunting Lodge experts if you have any additional gear questions. 

Navigating the Terrain: Tips for Hunting in Various Environments

Mastering the art of wild boar hunting requires adaptability to diverse terrains. In open fields, utilize elevated stands for a broader view, while dense woods call for stealthy stalking. Understand the significance of wind direction to mask your scent effectively. Equip yourself with versatile strategies to navigate varying environments, ensuring a successful and thrilling hunting experience at Spartan.

Essential Knowledge for Tennessee Wild Boar Hunting

Understanding the Wild Boar Population in Tennessee

Gain the upper hand in your Tennessee wild boar hunt by delving into the intricacies of the local boar population. Understand their habits, territories, and preferred habitats, honing your knowledge to strategically position yourself in Spartan's hunting grounds. This insight forms the foundation for a successful and rewarding boar-hunting experience.

Impact of Wild Boars on Ecosystem and Agriculture

  • Wild boars in Tennessee have a significant impact on ecosystems, causing habitat destruction.
  • Their rooting and foraging disrupt native vegetation and soil composition.
  • Agricultural lands suffer as boars target crops, leading to substantial economic losses.
  • The unchecked boar population poses a threat to native wildlife, upsetting the delicate balance of Tennessee's diverse ecosystems. Understanding this impact is crucial for effective wild boar management at Spartan.

Safety and Ethical Considerations in Wild Boar Hunting

  • Prioritize firearm safety: always treat your weapon as if it's loaded and maintain muzzle awareness.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, as wild boars can be unpredictable and charge when threatened.
  • Practice ethical shots for a humane kill, aiming for vital organs.
  • Collaborate with fellow hunters for a synchronized approach to avoid accidents.
  • Respect local regulations and property boundaries, ensuring a responsible and sustainable hunting experience at Spartan.
  • Maintain a reverence for wildlife, emphasizing conservation and ethical hunting practices throughout your boar hunting endeavor.

The Spartan Hunt: Tactics and Strategies

Follow signs of boar activity, such as rooting patterns, tracks, and wallows. Utilize stealth and patience, advancing with awareness of wind direction. Be attuned to the surroundings, anticipating the unpredictable nature of boars. This strategic tracking approach ensures an immersive and rewarding boar hunting experience.

Take the Shot: Where to Aim on a Boar

When the moment arrives to take the shot, precision is paramount. Aim for vital areas, focusing on the shoulder or behind the ear for a swift and humane kill. Avoid frontal shots, which may result in deflection from the boar's thick skull. Understanding the anatomy and practicing ethical marksmanship are integral components of successful boar hunting.

The Close-Up: When Boars Charge

In the event of a charging boar, stay composed and choose strategic defense. Aim for the head to neutralize the threat quickly. Alternatively, sidestep and aim for the shoulder to redirect the charge. Maintain a cool demeanor and prioritize safety, as close encounters demand split-second decisions. With knowledge and preparation, facing a charging boar becomes a controlled and calculated part of the Spartan Hunt.

Advanced Hunting Techniques

While Spartan Hunt doesn't offer these advanced hunting strategies, those with experience in boar hunting can certainly give them a try on their own.

Using Dogs for Hunting Boars

Outside of Spartan Hunt, some may choose to enhance their hunting adventure by bringing along expertly trained dogs for boar tracking and pursuit. Choose specially bred hunting breeds like Mountain Curs, celebrated for their skill in tracking and engaging boars. This advanced hunting approach adds a distinctive touch to your hunt, with the dogs' sharp senses and agility providing valuable support in navigating challenging landscapes and uncovering elusive boars. 

Night Hunting

Another advanced hunting strategy one could try on their own is boar hunting after dark. Gearing up with specialized optics like night vision or thermal imaging devices to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Be sure to follow local regulations governing night hunting, demonstrating respect for both legal and ethical standards.

After the Hunt: Handling Your Trophy

Field Dressing: Doing it Right

At Spartan Hunt, we've got you covered with our expert Field Dressing services. After your hunt, entrust us to master the art of field dressing for the best trophy preservation. Our skilled team will efficiently handle the process, from skinning and gutting to quartering your boar with precision. 

Hauling Back: Getting Your Boar Out of the Woods

Let our team handle the logistics for you with our expert Hauling services. We'll efficiently transport your trophy from the woods for convenience and minimal impact. 

Show It Off: Prepping for Mounting or Meat

Whether opting for taxidermy or meat processing, meticulous preparation is key. For taxidermy, ensure thorough skinning and caping. For meat, organize proper cooling and packaging, preserving the bounty of your Spartan Hunt with care and precision.

Spartan’s Promise: Biggest Boars, Best Hunts

What Makes Our Boars Special

Spartan's boars stand out for their size and maturity, ranging from 400 to 600 pounds, a testament to our focus on the biggest and most mature trophies. We prioritize fully mature boars with impressive characteristics, setting us apart in the world of wild boar hunting.

Why Our Hunters Come Back

At Spartan, the No Kill No Pay guarantee and transparent pricing resonate with hunters. Our commitment to delivering the promised trophy without hidden fees ensures an authentic and satisfying hunting experience. Consistent success, honest practices, and unique pursuit of mature trophies foster hunter loyalty, making Spartan the top choice for wild boar enthusiasts.

Lodge Comforts: Elevating Your Spartan Experience

Beyond the thrill of the chase, Spartan ensures your stay is as remarkable as the hunt. Our lodge is your haven, offering a suite of complimentary amenities outlined on our website. From nourishing meals to comfortable lodging, skinning, quartering, trophy caping, and rifle loans – we've got you covered. Picture evenings by the fire, indulging in delicious meals and knowing every aspect of your stay is taken care of. Spartan Hunt isn't just about the wild; it's a holistic retreat, carefully crafted for an unforgettable experience. Join us for the adventure, stay for the comfort, and savor the complete Spartan journey.

Spartan's Conservation Commitment

Hunting is essential for balancing the boar population, averting ecological concerns. At Spartan, our responsible practices contribute to sustainable wildlife management, safeguarding natural habitats. Unchecked wild boar proliferation in Tennessee poses economic risks through crop damage and environmental harm. Spartan's regulated hunting efforts play a vital role in mitigating these impacts, promoting a harmonious relationship between wildlife and agriculture.

The Booking Process

Planning your Spartan Hunt is a breeze – just three simple steps to the thrill of Tennessee's wild landscapes:

  • Check Availability: Give us a call to chat about open dates. Our team will help you find the perfect time for your Spartan adventure.
  • Confirm Your Dates: Once you've chosen your dates, secure them with a $300 deposit per hunter. Pay conveniently over the phone or mail in a check or money order, noting your discussed dates for a smooth reservation process.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy a genuine experience with straightforward pricing – $1,500 for Trophy Boars, Exotic Rams, and Fallow Doe; $4,500 for Fallow Bucks. No surprises, just pure adventure.

With Spartan's No Kill No Pay assurance, clear pricing, and an unforgettable hunting experience, your Tennessee wilderness journey awaits. Reach out now, lock in your dates, and get ready for an authentic Spartan Hunt!

Expand Your Spartan Experience

Discover more adventures at Spartan!

  • Turkey Hunts:
    • Available as an add-on after hunting Boar, Ram, or Fallow Deer.
    • Single Turkey Hunt: $800
    • Two-Bird Turkey Hunts: $1,500

Enhance your Spartan journey beyond boar hunting – embrace the excitement of turkey hunting and beyond.

Ready to Hunt? Here’s How You Start

Ready for the thrill of the Spartan Hunt? Begin your adventure hassle-free by booking your hunt today. With a commitment to transparency, no hidden fees, and a focus on the biggest and best boars, Spartan offers an unparalleled wild boar hunting experience in Tennessee. Don't miss out on the hunt of a lifetime!

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